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I know this may be years old doesn’t give a date. But I’m not shocked by your 3 year old behavior because mine is also a couple hand doesn’t matter what I do..time out, spankings, taking stuff away, a simple talking to, just ignoring her (hard to do when it’s in the middle a store) and she will scream till she loses her voice. I even have had to take her to the doctor because she hurt her trout. So non of that surprised me because i understand…BUT WHAT DOES IS SOME OF YOU RUDE GROWN ADULTS CALLING HER A HORRIBLE MOM OR HER KID IS HORRIBLE AND THIS AND THAT SAYING HER CHILD IS GOING TO BE A BAD PERSON AND ALL THE STUPID SHIT YALL WRITE. HE IS THREE!! WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE FOR BEING A ONLINE BULLY??? JUST HAPPY DANDY FOR YOUR IF YOUR CHILD IS A PERFECT ANGEL. I HOPE YALL KIDS DONT GROW UP TO BE BULLIES. GET A LIFE SMALL MINDED IDIOTS..SORRY TO LOSE MY COOL BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF CONTROL.


Sarah says

Beat his Ass! Spank him.. He is extremely disrespectful.. And know that his behavior is not normal for a 3 yr old. And remember if u don’t start doing Sumthing to shape his behavior now, it’s only going to get worse. Good luck and dont ever forget your bigger than him.

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Amy says

Hey Scott s, so you know many kids are different. Some kids take to 3 easily age 2 easily have their moments or whatever but some are much harder and test their parents all day every day. You are not a god damn kid encyclopedia so shut the fuck up. You also only have one kid not two it sounds like so come back here when you have another one and tell me how easy it is. Also I love how ur bullying all these parents on here not every kid is a extremely well behaved kid like yours (eyes rolling) lol go to another website with your smart remarks


Good Lord, there’s a lot of advice to spank. I was spanked, I’m fine, but I only smack my son on the leg when he gets counted to three during a poop change, since I can’t exactly time him out while he’s covered in feces.

I do the 1, 2, 3 Magic with my toddler who is currently at the “I want this no I want that now I’m going to cry and wail and scream” phase. He does not currently break things or injure people, so I guess I’m pretty lucky there. He knows hitting is an automatic time out (another reason I don’t spank him — he will hit for a few days after he’s had a leg or hand smack and that’s not a habit I want to instill in him). 1, 2, 3 Magic works for him, but it doesn’t stop him from being a turd. It just temporarily stops obnoxious behavior. It’s REALLY hard to keep up with it with a new baby, but I try to stay consistent. I’ve just let some of the noisy stuff go without counting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, he’s wailing in his room about wanting a blanket that is two feet away from his hand.


Amanda says


we add a propery that is an array

Now we add to propery children at the position 2


Now we remove the element which is at the position 1 from the array


We want to update with the result of an expression. The expression always have to be referenced with the that refers to the node/rel passed as parameter. If we rename our node/rel (as in the example above) we have anyway to refer to it in the expression as .

Bolt procedures allows to accessing other databases via bolt protocol.

urlOrKey param allows users to decide if send url by apoc or if put it into neo4j.conf file.

: write the complete url in his right position on the apoc.

: here the are two choices:


1) complete url : write the complete url with the param apoc.bolt.url;


2) by key : set the url with a personal key apoc.bolt.yourKey.url; in this case in the apoc on the url param user has to insert the key.


Config available are:

: possible values are true/false, the default value is false. This config print the execution statistics;

: possible values are true/false, the default value is false. This config return result in virtual format and not in map format, in apoc.bolt.load.

To set the configuration of the Driver, you can add the parameter in the config. Is’s a map of values, the values that we don’t pass to the config, are set to the default value.

You can find all the values in the documentation Config.ConfigBuilder

Return node in map format

Return node in virtual Node format

Create node and return statistic

Return more scalar values

Return relationship in a map format

Return virtual path

Create a Node with params in input

Set these config options in

All boolean options default to false , i.e. they are disabled, unless mentioned otherwise.

Procedures to add to and query manual indexes

Add node to index example

Schema Index lookups that keep order and can apply limits

Returns a virtual graph that represents the labels and relationship-types available in your database and how they are connected.

isType example



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Make sure to set the config options in your


Data is exported as Cypher statements to the given file.

It is possible to choose between three export formats:

: for Neo4j Shell and partly