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Quest for Health KC

Kristen Stuppy, MD, FAAP

It happens all the time. Kids put things in their mouth that aren’t supposed to be eaten. Parents often call after their child swallowed a toy piece, a coin, and many other things. Most of the time things will just pass — though I’m not a fan of watching the stools for the swallowed object because it just worries parents if they miss it.

Who swallows non-food things?

The biggest risk group is children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years, but anyone can be at risk.

I have seen an older school aged child swallow a magnet after putting 2 small strong magnets on either side of their tongue to look like a tongue piercing.

Even adults have been known to swallow things such as needles – sewers put the needle in their mouth if you think about it.

If you are around kids it is a good idea to know child CPR and refresh your skills every couple years.

Classes are often held at local Red Cross stations, hospitals, or fire departments.

You can also find classes by searching “CPR” and your zip code.

For great information on signs and symptoms of choking and general treatment of choking, visit this Lorenzo Drawstring Swim Shorts in White/Blue Mens Size XXL Reiss Cheap Sale Wholesale Price Outlet Store Online LJxGP4qRMe

Store medicines and cleaning products where kids can’t reach them.

Be especially alert when visiting other people’s homes – especially if they don’t have young children.

Watch kids carefully when outside.

Throw away broken toys that could have pieces break off.

Keep young kids away from toys designed for older kids.

If your child seems to put more non-food items in his mouth than other kids, he is at risk of pica .

Pica is when a person compulsively puts non-foods in his mouth. For more see the Best Store To Get Sale Online Metallic Texturedleather Flared Pants Silver Chloé Sale Countdown Package 8eMoMGeh7

Always keep the poison control number (1-800-222-1222) stored in all your phones!

If you call me about a potentially toxic substance, chances are I will refer to poison control. They have the best database of substance risks and their treatments.

Don’t delay treatment by calling the doctor!

Balloons are statistically some of the most inhaled or ingested foreign bodies.

One reason is they are so popular with kids. Young kids often will try to bite them.

They often are found at parties or other large crowds, where toddlers and young children are often less directly supervised.

Call 911 if there is any difficulty breathing, drooling, or other signs of distress. This can mean the balloon was inhaled into the lungs, not swallowed.

If swallowed, they will pass on their own.

Keep balloons away from young children and supervise school aged kids when around balloons.

If you think your child has swallowed a battery, whether or not he appears distressed, immediately take him to an emergency room.

If there is distress, call 911.

Batteries can cause voltage burns or leak, causing acidic burns as soon as four hours after being swallowed.

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RAGT: an annual gathering

The 13th annualReader Author Get Together was held June 7-9, 2018

13th annualReader Author Get Together June 7-9, 2018

The 14th annualReader Author Get Together will be held June 6-9, 2019

14th annualReader Author Get Together June 6-9, 2019

This page is about the event itself. Authors will appear on the Shopping Online Free Shipping DRESSES Kneelength dresses Jil Sander Footlocker Finishline Cheap Price Pictures Cheap Price 2d7HrkC9J
as their registrations are confirmed . Please note that it is not instantaneous. There will be a delay between filling out the registration form and confirmation.

Overall, the RAGT is a fan-friendly event meant for readers, and open to everyone, readers, authors, and industry alike, in different ratios! However, in the process, the event also raises funds for many local causes. The incredible raffles garner thousands, and each year Lori Foster puts out an anthology with proceeds earmarked for direct donation. Combined, the event and the anthology go to benefit very worthwhile local charities.

There have been many benefit books over the years. And after each event, Lori is thrilled to turn over a big check.

Here are some of the Benefit Books from Previous RAGTs:

The ballroom is always open for socializing with readers and authors alike. Think of it as a giant tea party with other book lovers! It’s where conference meals will be served, with raffle baskets lining the walls and where raffle winners are announced. Sponsored parties for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night take place in the ballroom. It is truly the heart of the Get Together, yet the boardrooms are only a few steps away, on the same floor, with a wide range of fun activities provided. Add in two multi-author book fairs , one on Friday and one on Saturday, in the atrium just outside the ballroom, and there’s something for everyone!

Every year RAGT’s boardrooms are a big hit! Eight boardrooms ,put on by sponsoring publishers and authors, are used for breakout workshops and presentations throughout Friday and Saturday. They serve the dual purpose of entertaining and enlightening. Expect lots of promo, author information, games and more!

There is always up-to-date info about boardrooms over on the Boardrooms Section on the Sponsors page . Whether there are Boardrooms still available for you to sponsor, or if boardroom themes have been set, that’s the place to check .

There will be two book signings during the event : one on Friday afternoon and one on Saturday afternoon, eachfrom 3:00 to 5:00. Each book fair features a variety of books to buy, many authors to meet, and lots of swag. Throughout both book signings, Barnes and Noble will have a variety of new books, Nooks, and totes available, a portion of the proceeds go to a very worthy cause . It’s all very, very fun.

Twisted Nematic (24″, 48-144Hz variable with Adaptive-Sync). Screen surface:

Medium matte anti-glare. Additional specifications:

The ViewSonic XG2402 uses a fairly ubiqituous 144Hz panel, but puts it to excellent use. The OSD (On Screen Display) offers excellent flexibility, including various ‘Gamma’ settings to help users achieve an image that appears rich overall rather than washed-out. It certainly doesn’t skimp on responsiveness, either. This model sports exceptionally low signal delay (low input lag) and excellent 144Hz pixel responsiveness – the connected feel and and visual fluidity that this provides is excellent. Unlike many competing models, this model is overshoot-free using the optimal response time setting so there is no unsightly inverse ghosting to get in the way of the experience. This is also bolstered by support for AMD FreeSync, eliminating the stuttering and tearing that ensues from the usual refresh rate and frame rate mismatches.

ViewSonic XG2402

Other aspects of interest include a range of useful ‘Low Blue Light’ settings to promote more relaxing viewing, particularly useful in the evening. The backlight is also flicker-free at all brightness levels to help aid viewing comfort. The included stand is fully adjustable and complements the solid build quality of the monitor. We feel that this is an excellent 24″ 144Hz gaming monitor for both Nvidia and AMD GPU users It also supports games consoles as a secondary use via HDMI, but they are restricted to a maximum of 60Hz. Further reading:

Dell U2414H

All-round use including photography/design work, general desktop use and entertainment (both PC and games consoles ). Panel used:

LG Display LM238WF2-SSA1 (23.8” AH-IPS, 60Hz). Screen surface:

Medium matte anti-glare. Significantly less grainy than some matte surfaces, good glare-handling. Additional specifications:

The Dell U2414H is an excellent all-round performer with strengths in key areas including colour reproduction and responsiveness. The AH-IPS panel provides rich and consistent colour reproduction for shades within the sRGB colour space. This makes the monitor attractive for colour-critical work such as photo editing, particularly after calibration. The 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution remains popular for ‘entertainment’ purposes due to compatability with games consoles, movies and the relatively low GPU horepower requirements for PC gaming. For games and movies the IPS panel gives rich and life-like colours with a great subtle shade variety – you’ll be able to pick out the slightest shade differences, something that isn’t possible on monitors with TN panels due to colour inconsistencies at different points of the screen. Some users are sensitive to the rapid ‘on’ and ‘off’ pulsing typically used to lower monitor backlight brightness (something called PWM or Pulse Width Modulation). This model avoids such modulation of the backlight; it has a flicker-free backlight to increase viewing comfort.

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React has a powerful composition model, and we recommend using composition instead of inheritance to reuse code between components.

In this section, we will consider a few problems where developers new to React often reach for inheritance, and show how we can solve them with composition.


Some components don’t know their children ahead of time. This is especially common for components like Sidebar or Dialog that represent generic “boxes”.

We recommend that such components use the special children prop to pass children elements directly into their output:

This lets other components pass arbitrary children to them by nesting the JSX:

Try it on CodePen

Anything inside the <FancyBorder> JSX tag gets passed into the FancyBorder component as a children prop. Since FancyBorder renders {props.children} inside a <div> , the passed elements appear in the final output.

While this is less common, sometimes you might need multiple “holes” in a component. In such cases you may come up with your own convention instead of using children :

React elements like <Contacts /> and <Chat /> are just objects, so you can pass them as props like any other data. This approach may remind you of “slots” in other libraries but there are no limitations on what you can pass as props in React.

Sometimes we think about components as being “special cases” of other components. For example, we might say that a WelcomeDialog is a special case of Dialog .

In React, this is also achieved by composition, where a more “specific” component renders a more “generic” one and configures it with props:

Composition works equally well for components defined as classes:

At Facebook, we use React in thousands of components, and we haven’t found any use cases where we would recommend creating component inheritance hierarchies.

Props and composition give you all the flexibility you need to customize a component’s look and behavior in an explicit and safe way. Remember that components may accept arbitrary props, including primitive values, React elements, or functions.

If you want to reuse non-UI functionality between components, we suggest extracting it into a separate JavaScript module. The components may import it and use that function, object, or a class, without extending it.

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